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Important Notice:
The project is being published in various news blogs and deferent articles as if the mice where actually produced.
Just to make things clear:
The project is a suggestion for a possible scenario.
Except of buying the hair of Elvis Presley and testing the ability to sequence any human hair (not using the original), the project is completely speculative.

koby barhad
All that I am, RCA, 2012
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Publications, June, 2012

About the studio:

In 2005 we co-founded "Koby Barhad & Noa Schwartz" Design Studio in Israel, specializing in book and catalogue design for art and culture. For 7 years we have worked with institutes such as "The Israel museum, Jerusalem", "Tel Aviv Museum of Art", "Haifa Musem of Art", "The Center for Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv", "Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem", "Shenkar College of Engineering and Design", as well as numerus local and international Artists and designers such as Marina Abramovic and Ron Arad. Since 2006 we have been tutoring in the Department of Visual Communication, Shenkar College of Engineering and Design.

Find a small selection of past studio works in here.